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Today I will give the recommendation of the Agen Sakong online . Sakong game is a game recently released by PKV Server although it is classified as a new game but this Sakong game has stolen a lot of attention from gambling players both land and online. Maybe other than because the game is similar to the city of the game this offers a big bonus

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The Best Online Sakong Agent

The Best Online Sakong Agent –  By choosing an online Sakong Agent that can increase the percentage of your victory so much. Here I would like to recommend Sakong99 as the Best Online Sakong Agent in Indonesia.

Here I will not arbitrarily recommend something like this especially about Sakong Online Agents. Here I will give some reasons why I can recommend Sakong99 as the Best Online Sakong Agent in Indonesia. Please see below:

  • Serving its members 24 hours non-stop
    Certainly all gambling sites must provide 24 -hour non-stop services. Because we don’t know when players want to play. Therefore providing 24-hour service is an obligation of every gambling site. The service provided by CS Sakong99 is arguably the best among the best. CS they are not adventurous in serving member members.

  • Sakong99 24-Hour Deposit and Withdrawal Process also provides a deposit process and 24-hour witdraw non-stop. Of course this service is very useful for players like me who can only play at night. Because first before playing on Sakong99 my funds were often held back due to erratic bank offine schedules.
  • Providing Up to 7 Banks
    Surely the more the better. Where most gambling agents only provide. up to 5 banks to process the transaction of the members. Of course, with more banks being provided, the transaction process of the members will be very fast. Banks that support Sakong99 include: BCA , BNI , BRI , Mandiri , CIMB , Permata , and Danamon .

The Best Online Sakong Agent in Indonesia

  • 1 UserID Can Play Up to 8 Games
    By playing on Sakong99 you only need 1 UserID to play as many as 8 games. To change the game is quite easy, you just need to go back to the lobby and choose the game you want to play. The games provided by Sakong99 include: Sakong , Dominoqq , Texas Poker , Aduq , Bandar Poker , Bandarq , Bandar66 , Capsa Susun .
  • Clear Calculation Bonuses
    Many gambling sites offer abundant bonuses but are very difficult to claim even seem impossible. While on the other hand Sakong99 offers a 0.3% Cashback Bonus until the 20% Referral Bonus. You can get a 0.3% Cashback Bonus if you have a TO or Turnover. Turnover is the number of bets you win or lose in the game. If you have a TO of IDR 5,000,000 x 0.3% = IDR 15,000. is your cashback bonus.
    For the calculation of the Refferal Bonus 20% The first 10% Bonus will automatically enter into your ID account. Your 10% (second) bonus will enter manually. Example: Your feet win Rp. 100,000 multiplied by a table discount of 3% (Rp. 3,000) Bonus: 3,000 x 10% = 300 This bonus will automatically enter your account. While the second 10% Bonus will be entered manually every Saturday into your account if your account does not have TO.

Those are some of the reasons why Sakong agen can be recognized as the Best Online Sakong Agent. If compared, it is far better to play on Sakong99 than other gambling agents. That is all and thank you.

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