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Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities featuring classified ads with sections dedicated to work, household, sales, services, community, marriage, artistic events, CVs, discussion forums. Includes what might be found in local newspapers, especially what appears in small advertising. It uses a simple, unchanged design from 2001 using minimal CSS and Javascript. He is more interested in helping visitors find cars, apartments, jobs, meetings, establishing friends than maximizing their profit. Craiglist also has a non-profit organization that establishes links between people and the resources they need, in order to increase the power of the communities in the cities. Craigslist San Diego finds all kinds of information from many continents, countries, cities, including Romania. It’s like having access to all kinds of local information from very different areas of the world (US, UK, Japan or Egypt) just like any member of that community. In a simple conversation, we come to know about an incident that held fake craigslist users. Authorities in the UK are trying to find out who is behind an advertising advertisement on the controversial Craigslist ad site. In this, someone offers attractive women living on the street in exchange for sexual services.  An investigation by a charitable organization has uncovered dozens of such offers on Craigslist San Diego, and many are for men and students.  In the advertisement from which the scandal started a “white English man” offers shelter for any woman “sexy, of any nationality” without a home. It has to pay with its own body. The Shelter organization is asking authorities to investigate these cases so that people who are already vulnerable do not become sex slaves in these type of websites like Craigslist San Diego.
Craigslist San Diego

Best to know about Craigslist

The most trivial and the most unexpected information, very important or totally coveted announcements can be found here. For example, if you are interested in finding a job in Romania, go here and look for the field that best suits you. If you want to join a forum to discuss religion, education, jokes or … haiku, you can do this on this site; you can talk to those in your country or in the country of your choice. You can find someone who offers pickles for sale, buy or sell phones or someone else looking for a rabbi to make a marriage. Posts, messages, texts, images, photos, sounds, movies, links, links can be introduced, but the only person responsible for the content of these materials is their author and not Craigslist. Who wants to post on this site must create an account and then write the desired ad: “I buy sewing machine …” or “I buy a bicycle …” (preferably written in an international circulation language, possibly English, so the announcement can be understood by as many visitors, given the wide area in which this site is used), all the posts on Craigslist being free and expiring in 30 days, with some exceptions: related posts at jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area and other areas of the US (between $ 25-150), renting apartments in New York ($ 10), posts with adult content or therapeutic services on US Craigslist sites (5-10) $). Visit for more type of listings here Not everyone has the time to set up a website or manage their product supply chain. Some people need money fast from craigslist Chicago, with minimal accounting costs and that is where Craiglist comes from. Most people will tell you that all the good deals on Craigslist happened years ago, and now it’s too hard to get a good deal. Don’t listen to these guys cause I just made $ 225 on a flip last weekend! It wasn’t a traditional craigslist Chicago flip-, but a reverse Craiglist deal that I’ll get to in another lesson, but here are the basics. The 3 steps of a Craigslist business are below
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1. Product research

This is probably the most important part of the process. You need to dig around Craiglist and see what the price is going for the product you are interested in flipping. As a rule of thumb, you want to stay with smaller products as larger products will be expensive to transport. Tech products are hot, but they can be damaged in non-physical ways (attention). Once you’ve found the average product rate on Craiglist go to eBay and Amazon and check the rate goes to product specifications. I made $ 1,000 + flipping unlocked cell phones and sold them abroad for GSM phone buyers. I have consistently made over $ 100 on the flip phone and in one case and almost $ 200 on one phone. (An angry friend took a new iPhone for her friend on her birthday. When she caught him at his place she caught the cheat and she sold it to me for less than she paid for it.) SCOR!

2. How to register the Product

Be polite to the sellers when your message or email. Let them know you have money for their products and would like some details. You need to make sure the product is in good flipping condition. If Craigslist photos are bad then you need to ask for better photos. I really like to call them to ask a few questions about the product to make sure they can make some money and even offer less heaven. (Be careful that you do not want to lowball the seller or they will not respond to you) Instead of a lowball offer -> Ask them what they can do based on the price. If they do not know then make a reasonable offer, usually 75% of the asking price to start and go from there. Meet them and make sure the product is as described. I once appeared to buy a phone and it was not mentioned that the frame was scratched so it had to offer a lower price than I agreed and the seller was resilient but sold to me for a reduced price.

3. How to Cash Out

This is, in essence, the easy part. You have a few different options. You could try and resell the product on Craiglist, but in most cases, you can’t turn a healthy profit by trying to sell on the same market you bought. In most cases, I had great success flipping craigslist Chicago products on eBay and Amazon. The reason is that these sites have millions of buyers who buy products every second! In order to get the highest dollar for your product, you will need to have great photos of the item. This is for eBay as Amazon uses stock photography. For Amazon and eBay make sure you describe the product exactly in the description to avoid any returns or poor appraisals for seller performance. Always be honest and if you have any questions, be sure to answer them in a timely manner. Don’t waste your time with lowballers but be polite. Tell them the promoted price and then move on.

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