How to Make Your App Popular in 5 Easy Steps?

From getting an idea to launching your own app into the market, it’s a journey worth mentioning. Lots of hurdles and opportunities come into the limelight, which brings you closer to your target audience gradually and makes you polish your skills. Every moment you console yourself that the day your app enters the market, your life will change forever.  Thousands of users will hit on the ‘Download’ button and a steep rise will be observed in your analytics.

Make Your App Popular

But, what if I say that all this won’t happen? What if I say that your app might struggle to get even a single click?

Don’t take me wrong. There are millions of apps in the App Store, with thousands added on daily basis. In a scenario like this, it might be impossible for your application to come across the right audience and prompt them to click on the ‘Install’ button – unless you put efforts into app marketing.

Yes, it is necessary to promote your application extensively to make users notice and take actions. Taking the back seat after launching an app by following the right mobile applications development process is not the right decision.

So, are you ready to look into promoting your mobile app? If so, let’s look into the best steps to market your app and make it go viral.

5 Steps to Make Your App Popular

  1. ASO Marketing

Since App Store (or Play Store) is the very first platform from where users come across a mobile application, the very step to work on your app presence is investing in ASO (App Store Optimization).

In this process, you follow all the guidelines associated with optimizing your app page including adding keywords, app screenshots and videos, and customer reviews, which eventually helps to boost the app presence in the App Store searches.

Whenever you optimize your app page, it is necessary that you follow a comprehensive guide on Play Store Optimization (or that of App Store) and then upload all the required content.

  • Content Promotion

The next step to look into for marketing your mobile app is Content Marketing. When you launch a webpage (or website) or publish blogs to showcase your app features and how they will bring an impact on their lives, they find it easier to connect with your app and feel encouraged to try it once, which eventually result in higher app presence in the market and downloads.

When considering Content marketing, it is helpful to connect with editors and influencers to reach a wider audience and bring a major impact on your app presence.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is not only a platform for communication and leisure, but is also used for business purpose. So, look into this direction.

Study your user demographics and find out what social media platforms are best to turn towards. Look into what kind of content to publish how to bring eyeballs to your posts and what time the posts should be made public. Comprehensive knowledge of all these factors will empower you to plan your marketing strategy for social media websites profitably and thus, gain higher traction.

For example, Instagram is the best platform to share your visual content if you are into the Fashion or Entertainment industry or target users between the age of 20 and 30s. Whereas, LinkedIn is the right platform to get in touch with startups and business founders.

  • Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is also a method worth trying, especially when it is proven that audience love to go with what is referred to them.

When it comes to Referral Marketing, the best way is to find what seems most exciting to users and give some special offer, discount or other opportunities on those particular things. For instance, Drop box offers the existing users an extra 16GB of free space when they invite their friends to Drop box.

Drop box

Now, what happens in this case if that a user gets excited for extra space for free and share with his friends? They install the app, see this offer and share with their friends. The process continues which results in an exponential rise in the app download.

So, do not skip this marketing strategy when looking forward to making your application popular.

  • Regular Feedback and Update

Last but not least, receiving regular feedback from your target audience is also a profitable method to make your application popular. This is because when you know what your target user base hate about your app and why, you can easily know what is hindering the path to app success. You can sit with your hired mobile app development company and look into how to improve the user experience. You can discover what is required to make your app their favorite and thus, work in that direction to eventually launch an app update and gain higher user attention and ROI.

Now as you know what steps you need to invest your energy and funds into, plan your app promotion strategy and take the required steps. Beat the competition, make your app popular and enjoy the desired outcomes.

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