Interior Designer Certificate

How to become an interior designer: The choices of training options Those who are faced with the choice of a profession for the first time have a direct route to a specialized design college or university. Such training will take from four to six years, along the way you will study disciplines not related to design in order to get a diploma of secondary specialized or higher education. If you want to get additional education, already having a high school or college diploma, you can go to study at a design school or for short courses. There are a lot of courses offered today, including online. However, if you want to study seriously, it will be wiser to study at a design school for one to two years and receive a standard diploma. It can be full-time, part-time or remote. Keep in mind that the more you will be engaged with the teachers “live”, the faster you will begin to navigate in the studied subjects and you will be able to receive full and high-quality advice from a professional on each issue.

Interior Designer Certificate

Interior design schools in Moscow

Interior design schools in Moscow Having decided the question of where to study the profession of an interior designer, in favour of a specialized school, it is important to make the right choice. First of all, all information about the educational organization (about the license, school charter, training program, etc.) should be publicly available on its website. Graduates of reputable schools receive standard documents: diplomas and certificates confirming their qualifications. It is also important that the classes are led by professional teachers. Training is conducted in accordance with the contract, before signing of which you should pay attention to whether the missed classes are replenished, how to recover after the interruption of training, on what conditions money can be returned. This is a necessary minimum of information about the school. It will be useful to get acquainted with the program, options for the schedule of classes, the work of students, employment opportunities by profession after graduation and, of course, reviews from graduates of the school. If possible, visit open days or open classes. We have compiled a small rating of the leading Moscow design schools to make it easier for you to navigate. “Academic School of Design”: “full package” of training In this school, special attention is paid to ensure that students complete the course program and can fill in the missed classes, if necessary. This is due to the richness and versatility of the program, which was specially developed by teachers and has already been successfully tested on thousands of graduates.

Art training

Training is conducted in full-time or part-time, from scratch. Art training is not required.

Art training

The realities of adult life are fully taken into account: it is convenient for someone to study on weekdays, someone on weekends, and someone has time only in the evening or, on the contrary, in the morning hours. “Academic School of Design”, among other things, offers a unique version of the schedule – design breakfasts. This is from 7:30 am to 9:30 am three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Number of hours and duration of training: day classes – 10.5 months, 586 academic hours, two or four times a week; evening classes – 10.5 months, 478 academic hours, three times a week; design breakfast – nine months, 333 academic hours, three times a week; classes on weekends – 10.5 months, 586 academic hours, twice a week; Part-time education – six months, five face-to-face sessions are offered with self-completion of home projects. The program includes such academic disciplines as the theoretical foundations of interior design, art history, colour science and composition, design methods, descriptive geometry basics, drawing and painting, computer design, project presentation techniques, interior colour design and graphics, residential and public interiors design. Also, students undergo training on public speaking and communication with the customer. The format of classes – lectures, practice, project work in workshops, field trips. Only in this school three projects are included in the curriculum for interior design: the interior of a studio apartment, a public interior, and the interior of a country house.

Cost of Training

The cost of training depends on the chosen form and schedule and ranges from 76,000 to 270,000 rubles. It is also possible to study under the abbreviated program “Basics of Interior Design”, it will take 3.5 months and will cost 70,000–90,000 rubbles. With a one-time tuition fee of 10% discount. Full-year graduates receive a diploma of the established sample, graduates of the reduced course – a certificate. You can attend any lesson as a guest of the school for free, just call and coordinate your visit with the management. The license for educational activities No. 035087 dated April 24, 2014 issued by the Moscow Department of Education. “Modern School of Design”: from simple to complex Education in this school can be one-step or two-step. In the first case, the student has a choice of two directions: interior design of the living space or interior design of the public and residential space. In the second case, it is first proposed to undergo an intensive course on interior design (living space), and then proceed to environmental design (country house). Intensive course can be completed online. The remaining courses are only full-time, artistic preparation for admission is not required, training is conducted from scratch. Number of hours and duration of training: interior design of living space – 10 months, 480 academic hours; interior design of public and residential space – 12 months, 608 academic hours; interior design (intensive) – 5.5 months, 480 academic hours. The curriculum includes the following disciplines: professional graphics, basics of architectural composition, basics of colour painting, drawing on presentation, drawing and painting from life, interior sketching, style theory, basics of ergonomics, project economics, computer design.

The format of classes

The format of classes – lectures, seminars, visits to the production and showrooms. Graduates receive either a diploma of professional retraining, or a certificate of professional development. Training will cost from 170,000 (intensive) to 262,000 rubbles (interior design of public and residential space). In the case of a lump sum payment, a 5% discount is given. The license for educational activity No. 036786 dated November 24, 2015 was issued by the Moscow Department of Education. “International School of Design”: different courses – a different elementary level Here you can study on a full-time or distance basis. There are external studies for specialists who already have specialized education (architectural or artistic) or have worked as interior designers for at least three years. Number of hours and duration of training: interior design of residential and public premises (in-person) – one year, 760 academic hours, classes five days a week, there are day and evening departments; interior design of residential and public buildings (remotely) – 15 months; interior design of residential and public premises (external for specialists) – ten months, you will only need to come to full-time sessions; interior design of residential premises (in-person) – one year, 420 academic hours, classes three times a week, there is a weekend department and evening; interior design of residential premises (intensive) – six months, 420 academic hours, classes twice a week on weekdays; interior design of residential premises (remotely) – a total of one year, modular training; interior design of residential premises. British design principles – seven months, 460 academic hours, in-person classes. For all training programs, the following academic disciplines are provided: computer-aided design, history and theory of design, composition, colour studies, design drawing and perspective, practical special courses. Graduation projects of students who have chosen to study British design principles are examined in the UK, and a professional IDS diploma (“Interior design of living quarters”) and a certificate from the British school of design WK School of Art & Design are issued. In other areas are awarded diplomas and certificates of the Russian sample. Tuition varies from 104 300–451 605 rubbles depending on the course. The license for educational activities No. 037442 dated April 27, 2016, issued by the Moscow Department of Education. “School of Architecture and Design”: author programs Full-time or distance learning for one common specialty “Interior Design”. Schedule depends on the teacher. Number of hours and duration of training: computer-aided interior design for five, seven, eight, nine, or ten months.

The number of academic hours – from 280 to 620; interior design without computer design – the same five, seven, eight, nine or ten months, but less hours – from 120 to 460; distance learning – eight months, 32 lessons. Students learn the basics of colorist and composition, layout and decoration, design drawing. Also taught project graphics, history of styles, conducted practical training on design. At the end of the course the student defends a thesis project dedicated to the design of an apartment or a country house. The peculiarity of this school is that you go to a specific teacher with his author’s program. Tuition fees – from 26,000 to 122,000 rubbles. Graduates receive diplomas or certificates of the established sample. The license for educational activity No. 039311 dated April 20, 2018 issued by the Department of Education of the city of Moscow. British High School of Design: Get ready for the challenge In this school, interior design courses in Russian suggest only full-time education. There is a basic course of interior design, calculated for two years, and a course of design of public interiors, calculated for a year. The schedule is designed so that the classes take up two weekdays, plus one full day off, or two full weekdays. The basic course is four semesters, the last of which is entirely devoted to the work on the diploma. In the first semester, the general principles of design-design are given, in the second, the design of residential premises is considered in more detail, in the third – public. Although training is conducted from scratch, for admission you will have to have an interview and provide a portfolio of your artwork. Design of public interiors – a course designed for practicing designers with work experience of one year. For admission you will need to pass an interview and provide a portfolio of completed projects. Tuition – 300 000 rubbles per year. Upon graduation, a diploma of a Russian type is issued on additional education. The license for educational activities No. 036342 dated July 14, 2015 issued by the Moscow Department of Education. This sample of educational institutions most clearly demonstrates what options for programs, employment and price are on the market. Summing up: where can I go to study It all depends on goal setting, time and budget. If you are not in a hurry, ready to fully immerse yourself in training for one or two years and pay a large amount, and you are not afraid of the entrance tests, you can go to the British Design School. If you need to learn the basics of the profession in a short time and personal contact with the teacher is important for you, you can consider the “School of Architecture and Design” . For those who are clearly defined in their professional preferences, it makes sense to consider as an option “Modern School of Design”. “International School of Design” is an opportunity to study in Russian and get a British diploma. The most versatile, voluminous according to the program, convenient according to the schedule and cost-saving option is the “School of Academic Design”.

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