Interior Designing

The Art Design School offers to take courses that will give you the knowledge and basics you need to enter the market and start making money in the field of design. You will receive a quality education. Our interior design courses for beginners. You do not need to have special knowledge and skills. The design training program is designed in such a way that it allows you to master the course from scratch.

Interior Designing

Variants of learning the direction of “Interior Design”

The course of interior design consists of 140 astronomical clocks. Regardless of the duration of training, the number of hours is maintained, the difference is only in the frequency of visits.

  1. Intensive – course (interior design courses from scratch) – course duration 4 months, classes – 2 times a week for 4 hours (8 hours a week).
  2. The course “Quick start” – course duration 2 months, classes – 4 times a week for 5 hours (20 hours a week).
  3. Individual training – the course program, the number of hours, attendance, cost – are negotiated individually.

Detailed training program

  1. Marketing of interior designer services (where to find the first customer, effective and low-budget advertising methods, how to differ from competitors, identify the target audience, form pricing for services, payment schemes, additional income in the field of interior design, identify the true needs of the customer)
  2. Design psychology: interior adaptation for a specific Customer.
  3. Construction design: stages of work on the object, the legal framework and regulatory documents, symbols on the drawings, project documentation, planning, redevelopment, measurements, drawing, technical specifications, estimates.
  4. Basics: composition, ergonomics, materials science, color science, light design, styles, furniture, plumbing.
  5. Textile design: types of fabrics, accessories and timbers, types of curtains and curtains, calculations on tailoring.
  6. Technical aspects calculation of estimates, water supply, requirements for the device sewage, device and types of underfloor heating, selection of floor coverings, finishing materials for walls, doors, baseboards and other interior elements.
  7. Computer graphics lessons: Art Design school teaches basic design programs. The course includes lessons 3D Max (3D Mach) – this is the best program for visualization. You will learn how to create photo-realistic images from scratch in 3D Max (3D Mach). Your customers will take them for photos, and you will have the opportunity to increase the cost of their services.
  8. Learning to design a room is not complete without studying ArhiCAD programs. With its help, you will quickly and without problems make drawings, plans, scans and other project documentation.
  9. You will also learn on the course Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop). Photoshop tutorials (Adobe Photoshop) are needed for post-processing of images created in 3D Max (3D Mach).
  10. Check out the object.
  11. Exit classes in interior showrooms and showrooms of the Dnieper.
  12. Thesis.

The cost of training in interior design

The cost of the course is 12 350 UAH. When paying by one payment, you get a discount and the price will be only 10 850 UAH. More detailed information on the page “Cost”.

interior design

The advantage of the specialty “Interior Designer”

  1. The ability to work remotely – no matter how many kilometers between you and the customer;
  2. Well paid – the cost of a designer’s salary is much higher than that of a manager;
  3. Choice – you decide with whom to work, which projects to take, and which ones to refuse, to organize time at your own discretion;
  4. Self-expression – in interior design there are much less restrictions than in any other profession.

The advantages of studying in the school of design and graphics Art Design

  1. No “water” – just the necessary knowledge;
  2. Short term of study – in the modern world it is very important;
  3. Training is conducted on a real object – you study and lead your first project;
  4. The best students – employment assistance;
  5. Graduates receive support – free advice on any questions regarding your projects;
  6. The study of all programs that are needed for work;
  7. The opportunity to attend thematic seminars, workshops, presentations;
  8. Small groups – attention to everyone;
  9. Teachers are practicing designers.

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