Microsoft Windows 11 Updated Features and More

Windows 11 is said to be the best Windows so far, and that means it has to live up to many expectations. Fortunately, Windows 11 brings many exciting new features and options: starting with the newly designed Start Menu, continuing with a better desktop experience and reaching Cortana (a personal digital assistant) or Microsoft Edge (the most modern). web browser created by Microsoft in recent years). In this article, we will review the most important new features that you will find in Windows 11 iso. Let’s start:

windows 11

1. The Start menu is back and it’s very loud

Up until Windows 8, users had become accustomed to the Start Menu , which is present in all previous Microsoft operating systems. Then he disappeared, being replaced by the Start screen . Users started to complain about this change so, with the release of Windows 11, Microsoft listened to them and created a new Start Menu , which combines what was best in the old Start Menu with what was better on the Start screen . New Start MenuIt provides lists of all the applications you have installed, shortcuts to newly installed or frequently used programs, as well as a separate section where you can fix tiles for universal Windows applications, as well as shortcuts for traditional desktop programs. Microsoft succeeded in taking the best of both experiences and created the most effective Start Menu I’ve seen so far.

2. Cortana is your smart digital assistant

Cortana might be even the most exciting new feature in Windows 11. Cortana is a complex program designed to work as your personal digital assistant. It is capable of understanding and speaking several languages, so it will certainly change the way we interact with our devices, transforming human-machine interaction into something more human and natural. Cortana can understand and execute various things, such as launching applications, writing notes or setting reminders. It can also tell you what the weather will be like or the latest news, and it can even simply talk to you. The only disadvantage is that, at least for now, it cannot do this in Romanian.

3. Microsoft Edge is a major improvement over Internet Explorer

Edge is the new default web browser in Windows 11. It is designed to replace the old Internet Explorer and uses a completely new rendering engine. Edge is a much faster web browser than Internet Explorer and even most other web browsers. In addition, it offers support for all new web standards and technologies. You can also use it to make notes directly on web pages. It also adds that it is integrated with Cortana and can provide you with personalized information and searches. In addition, since Anniversary Update for Windows 11 download, it also supports extensions, such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. Considering all these things, we hope you will agree with us when we say that it is worth at least trying and using it at least as a secondary browser,

4. Become a productivity expert with multiple virtual desktops

Windows 11 is the first version of Windows that introduces the option of virtual desktops. This means that you can create and use multiple desktops on your device. It is an option that will certainly increase your productivity, by allowing you to organize your work and applications much easier.

windows 11

5. Fix your windows the way you want

The first time I saw the snap option was in Windows 7. Microsoft didn’t forget about this small but incredibly useful feature, and in Windows 11, they’ve improved a lot. It’s one of those examples of how a small thing can mean a lot: with just a few gestures you can quickly and easily organize all the applications and windows you have open on your desktop. Anyone who has tried this new feature can tell you how much it helps you be more productive on your desktop.

6. Universal applications are the new trend

Microsoft has been planning to create universal applications for quite some time. With Windows 11, these have come true: developers can write applications that work on any type of Windows 11 device, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even an Xbox One console. This means that you no longer have to write different versions of the same application for each type of device, because the only application you develop will scale on any type of screen, from the smallest to the largest. This new feature may not seem interesting to you but, in a nutshell, it means less work for developers and more applications for users.

7. Continuum everywhere: on mobile and desktop

A lot has been said about Continuum. This feature is something many have dreamed of, and with Windows 11, Microsoft has made it a reality. Continuum means that you can instantly change how Windows 11 looks and works, depending on which device you use and how you use it. In Windows 11 terms, Continuum is called Tablet Mode and it works like: say, for example, you have a hybrid device, and at some point you want to leave the keyboard on your desk and leave with the tablet component. of the device.

8. Control everything in the Action Center

Every smartphone user knows how useful and fast notifications and actions are. Microsoft brings these features to all Windows 11 devices. Search more for windows 11 iso visit notifications are placed together in the new Action Center , which switches to the right side of the screen. Notifications keep you up to date on everything that happens on your device, while quick actions help you quickly and easily open up all kinds of features like Tablet Mode, Wi-Fi, VPN and so on.

9. Configuring settings is done very quickly in the new Settings application

windows 11

Microsoft has created a new place for control and settings of your device with Windows 11. It’s called Settings , and in the future it will probably replace the old Control Panel completely . The main advantage of the new Settings application is that it is easy to use both on a touch screen and using a mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t matter what kind of device you have, whether it’s a classic PC, tablet or smartphone.

11. Become a better gamer with the new Xbox app

Windows 11 comes with the universal Xbox app pre-installed. The app connects to your Xbox One console, allowing you to bring your games to your PC, access your friends lists, messages, record, edit, share or stream the games you play. If you are a gamer, you will definitely love these new options.

11. Explore more with new offline maps

Windows 11 comes with a new mapping application that allows you to download, save and use offline maps when you are not connected to the internet. It’s a feature that has already proven its worth on smartphones. Anyone using a limited internet connection will be very happy to know that this option exists. Moreover, Bing maps are really good and cover most countries in Europe, America, Australia, Africa and much of Asia.

12. Say Hello to Windows!

Microsoft has promised us that we will no longer need a password or PIN to connect to our Windows devices. Windows 11 can already do this with its new Windows Hello feature . Hello uses your face, iris or fingerprint as biometric authentication methods in Windows. The only downside, if we can consider it that way, is that you need specialized hardware for Windows Hello to work on your device. for information on windows 11 more visit here –

13. Change your perspective on your gaming PC with DirectX12

DirectX 12 is the latest graphics API developed by Microsoft and is only available in Windows 11. It comes with a number of exciting features such as direct access to the hardware components of your PC, especially your graphics card. New games using DirectX12 are now capable of effectively dividing calculations between video cards and processor cores. In short, Windows 11 makes new games run faster and better than older Windows operating systems might.


These are some of the most important new features introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11. Before closing this article, do not hesitate to tell us what you think about Windows 11. Is it a good operating system? What do you think about him? What would you like Microsoft to improve in future updates?

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