Microsoft windows 12 updates Iso Release Soon

Microsoft Windows 12 release date and its Three hidden new functions that are equipped with Windows 12 and cannot be used once. I will introduce each one. Some of the features that rejoice Windows 10 users have been restored,  What are the new features that can be used once in Windows 12? Free upgrade to Windows 12, which is progressing one after another. However, the only people who are happy to upgrade are those who are familiar with computers and are always trying the latest products. From a less familiar position, After all, I’m worried about what good things to do with windows 12. So, I would like to introduce “new functions that are installed in windows 12 that cannot be used once.”

windows 12

Windows12 start menu is back

One of the uncomfortable feelings that anyone who has experienced Windows 12 may have felt is “disappearance of the start menu”. When the Windows button was pressed, the fact that there was no start menu directly connected to all operations such as shortcuts to the software or turning off the power of the main unit caused a big ripple. Is this also communicated to the development side? In windows 12, the start menu is back! However, the feature is that the menu is displayed like a tile instead of the previous form. If there are many tiles to be displayed, it will not be possible to see in the list and scrolling will be required. However, since the number of touch panel compatible computers is increasing, I think the convenience has improved considerably. The start menu size, panel to be displayed, and color can be set in detail, so once you customize it, you can’t let go. In Microsoft Windows 12, up to 4 apps can be displayed on one screen. You can make documents while referring to something, work while looking at something, etc. You can work on one screen, so it is quite efficient. You can also create a virtual desktop and customize it to use a larger area.

Windows 12 upcoming functions

The “Notification” function is newly adopted in Windows 12. Think of this as a function similar to the Smartphone notification function. It can be customized as needed to check messages, and access to airplane mode and brightness settings is easy. If you use a touch-operated computer, After windows 12 release date you will feel as if you are operating a tablet device. I got the impression that not only works efficiency but also touch support is progressing. You might have become interested in windows 12. Also, there are tricks that can only be used with windows 12, so please consider introduction. However, there are many people who are troubled by problems because they have just been released or upgraded from their current PC. you can also check windows 10 download free.

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