You don’t have to be a black gay or bisexual man to write for us at blackgayblog.com. But it helps to know our core audience well and what will appeal to them. Of course, we welcome articles by and about same-gender-loving men of colour. But we also accept material from anyone who cares about the health and general wellbeing of this group of men as much as we do.
Students and teachers or anyone who can help us to educate our readers on a range of topics outside of our team’s expertise are welcome. We want to create a top-quality online resource for groups of LGBT men who often lack proper access to health, information, and other resources, and your input could make all the difference. We’d love to reach out to professors or PhD students, for example, and source your expert opinion for articles or interviews. If our online health and lifestyle portal can be of value to just one isolated BLGBT person, their family or friends, we would have partly achieved our stated aim in setting up blackgayblog.com.

What Should You Write About?

BGB focuses heavily on health and sexual wellness, relationships, gay/bi advocacy, news and LGBT issues, but we also cover other related topics of interest to our audience including inspirational interviews, profiles of famous BLGBT personalities, entertainment, sports, fashion, and more. Our core audience of educated, professional black gay and bisexual men, are aged 21 to 55 and come from all corners of the world, particularly the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. To help us provide an online resource that can be of immense value to Black LGBT Rights men and their families and friends, please contact us with ideas for what you would like to contribute. We accept your original articles, videos, audio files and photographs. Guest posts are a brilliant way to bring greater social exposure to you and your high-quality content.

How To Submit Your LGBT Guest Post

For things to bear in mind when submitting ideas for publication on BlackGayBlog.com, please see our guest post submission guidelines at https://www.blackgayblog.com/guest-post-submission-guidelines/. Be sure to read the entire document before sending us your submission. We certainly look forward to hearing from you

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